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Whether self-publishing or submitting to a publisher, you owe it to your work to ensure that it is as good as it can be before you put it out there. Have your manuscript professionally appraised by an objective professional editor. Essential Edits provides feedback that not only improves your current manuscript, but also your writing / process for subsequent projects. Essential Edits is here to help you tell your story.

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Novel not jelling? Trouble staying motivated? Not sure what or how to revise? Let a writing coach help you identify the issues that are slowing or preventing you from finishing.

Writing Coach


The hard part of writing a thesis/dissertation or non-fiction book is not collecting and analyzing the data and drawing conclusions. Supervisors, colleagues, and friends often say, "Well, you've got all your data, just write that up!" as if writing were ever that straightforward. Angst is an inevitable part of any sustained writing project—and it's a completely different process than writing a term paper or short article! Even accomplished writers can find organizing the material overwhelming, stalling out as they face blank-page syndrome, writer's block, and content overload. Non-fiction writers may find that engaging a writing coach can save months of fruitless effort by providing both clarity of purpose and moral support. Graduate students may similarly seek ethically appropriate moral support with motivational issues and editorial support to ensure correct formatting, clarity, precision, and brevity in their written communication.


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Need a test bank created or edited for your course, the textbook you're writing, or the certification program you're administering? Essential Edits can help!

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New to teaching? Graduate teaching assistants, new faculty, or even mid-career instructors can benefit from the free How-To guides from Essential Edits.

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Workshops and confidential consultations available.

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