Essential Edits
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Academic Journal Articles

Recent graduates, new faculty, and even experienced faculty may all benefit from editing before submitting academic articles to journals.

New faculty may need support in writing clearly, succinctly and precisely. Journal articles in particular require the ability to condense a great deal of information into severely restrictive word limits, and all research publication requires precise use of language. New and ESL faculty may benefit from editing before submitting their work for publication so that referees can focus on the content of the research and not be distracted by issues with the article's written expression.

More experienced faculty may also benefit from assistance achieving the necessary focus and brevity more quickly than struggling with the material alone. Copy editing addresses the small but distracting errors that inevitably sneak into every manuscript and which are difficult for the author to spot (since one often sees what one expects to see rather than what is actually there). Faculty may also find it a nuisance to reformat articles to the specific guidelines of individual journals and prefer to delegate the task to Essential Edits staff.



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Last updated: April 22, 2017